Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Operation Save the Kurtle.... Mission Complete!

Ok so the deadline has been and gone but I managed to get the three warbeasts painted for Kurt and to say he was a happy man was a bit of an understatement!

so the two earthborne flanking Mulg, I basically painted Mulg the same as the two earthbourne but when I'd finished him, I felt that there was "something" missing and even though he's got the alps as his hat it didn't feel complete (if that makes sense?)

And then it hit me like a speeding bullet....

I'd also noticed that a huge chunk of stone was missing so I figured I might as well disguise the missing bit with some tufts of grass.

Overall painting these was a nice change compared to the stuff I've been doing recently and the reaction that these have had from the local lads has been nice so a man points boost there!

So the "recipe"

Spray Leather BrownHeavy dry brush Kemri Brown (GW Foundation)
Heavy dry brush terra earth (Vallejo)
Ink with Devlin mud
Light dry brush terra earth but building up the layers,

White Stones:
Denab Stone (GW Foundation)
Ink with Gryphone Septia (stupid bloody names!)
light drybrush/stipple Denab stone

Russian Green (Vallejo)
bleached bone & Russian green mixed for highlight, I did about 2/3 layers

As always the end of the month is fast approaching so the pledge gets stepped up a gear with all the 15mm flames of war stuff that I've bought this month I need to start blasting some models out and get some in the bank for the yearly trip to salute next month,

I've already spotted a couple of systems that I've got my eye on, one is....

I've liked the look of this for ages and the models are really nice, I missed the chaps at last years salute so I'll be have a look to see where I can find them and hopefully get a game in

the other thing that's got me going oohh.... is

produced by westwind, the same guys who did secrets of the third reich, this is a brand new release for salute and something tells me if its anything like SOTR then its gonna be a good game!