Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Flames of War 15mm Churchills & Dystopian Wars bits

So the month of March is rapidly closing to an end and I managed to get some odds and sods done for Dystopian wars,

So the three bits that I had kicking around I decided to splash some paint on, 

The Second swimming Metzger Robot, the sea looks a bit naff in the pics for some reason?

Fresh out of the ship building yards the Rhine class Fleet carrier, nice and simple to paint! 

and the monster which is the Seydlitz mobile airfield, and what Coops will be facing tomorrow night ;)

And finally the churchills  for my tank company are sorted, the three on the far left are a tad shiney but I didn't shake the can for long enough so I'll re-do those at some point, nice and easy and I'm looking forward to blasting jerry with them!

with less than a week till we hit April I doubt that I'll get much more done as I'm feeling the dreaded "man flu" coming on, so the Pledge for this month stands at....

Bought 24
Painted 47
Difference 23!

So the success continues and for my first quarter I'm in the green ready for the influx of salute!