Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Operation Save the Kurtle.... Part one....

Whilst finishing off some stug's and panthers I was asked by one of the guys at the local shop if I'd mind help paint some trollbloods for him,

he only wanted two models done which were the earthborn dire trolls, In my head I thought no worries on that piece of piss... then Kurt said he needed them by the end of the week for the hardcore tourney! well if thats not a challenge I don't know what is!

So Kurt had stuck the fella's together and given them a leather brown spray, so that was the most time consuming part done and dusted for me!!

So I started with some Khemri brown then graveyard earth over that, 

Washed it with devlin mud and then a dry brush of graveyard earth and the skin was sorted,

Then onto the stones, started with denab stone

and this is how far I got within a couple of hours,

look out for part 2!