Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Operation Save the Kurtle.... Part two....

So in between entertaining the GC....

I've managed to get the earthbourne pretty much finished off, all I need is the green light from Kurt and I'll put the brush down, 

I finished off the stones with a gryphone septia wash and going back over it with denab stone, some green for the wraps and do the rock on the base along with some weathering on the hands and feet. 

over all once I got into the swing of doing these it wasn't too bad, however it wasn't to stop there, 

The hardcore rules state that you must have a painted army so Mulg needed doing so I picked him up earlier today and started to crack on with him,

so quite pleased so far what I've managed since Sunday, and its nicely got me mojo back for painting so I'll be cranking out the 15mm Brits along with some finial touches for the 20mm Germans.