Saturday, 24 March 2012

First Look: Warpath

So I picked up the Marauder army box set up a while back when it was first released and myself and Lee have been threatening to play it for a while but never actually got round to it, getting distracted by Nick Cutlass campaign then KGN exploding onto the scene!

But I organised a trip over to the local club in Loughbrough and one of the chaps over there offered to show us the ropes with regards to the system,

so in true Anton style I decided to splash some paint on the guys and see what I could get done but more on this later...

So as I'm lacking Pic's from the game I'll jump straight into my thoughts..


Its fast! real quick to play simple rules but there still WIP and you can tell with some of the areas but as a free set of rules its great for the "younger" gamer but also has enough to be a pick up and play. Some say that its just a watered down 40K but if you go into this with a fresh mind you might like it! the Nerves system works very well in my eyes.

The forgefathers are the don's at shooting and on the opposite side of the fence the marauders are combat monsters! One thing that we did learn from the initial game is that you need quite a bit of scenery and most of the marauders got shot to pieces in a zulu style charge! 


If you look on the Internet at the various forums there seems to be a mixed view, now we've been spoiled rotten by GW for a while now and the marauders are a little basic to look at and have some "ok" poses and like but as "wound" markers they are good enough for me, simple to stick together and more importantly cheap as chips!

The only "bad" thing personally is that since the initial release nothing has been released for the marauders and this makes my current army selection very very limited! ok so you can convert GW kits but personally I'd rather give my pennies to the underdog... 


So the initial set was Marauders & Forgefathers with the corporation just about to go live and the concepts and pre-orders for the Veer-myn (say it quick...) clever eh ;) as the game is still in its infancy its still a fair while to go before the gaps in the army lists are filled and the actual core rules are sorted out with some of the grey areas and balancing that is required.

So will it stand the test of time and could it compete with the giants of the wargaming world in the form of GW, Privateer Press, Infinity & Battlefront who knows? 

Ok so the forces coming out are good for proxies for the 40K universe like the kings of war range nice for fantasy...

But as a standalone FREE system with a little effort and some fluff thrown in there for good measure yea its "ok"

anyway enough whaffling on to the plastic crack porn!!

so two basic grunt squads and a captain

a close up of the captain, good size model lovely pose but without some greenstuff trickery not multiposable but a bargain for £9!

close up of one of the grunts dead easy to paint, enough detail for them to look interesting but not too much that they become a ballache to paint.

Raptor fast attack buggies, made from a plasticy resin and the forks were a bit wonky but I decided just to bang them together and go for it (fits with the "ork" feel) now these are quite a good price you can three for £30 which I thinks pretty nifty!

cleaned the camera lens at this point! This is a converted raptor armed with machine guns, 

and the stock version with a rocket launcher.

So I managed to get that lot done in a couple of days, and I'm just finishing off another 20 odd guys so I'll do a "how to" for those people interested, but with the mojo still coursing though my veins I've this lot to get done for my flames of war British army, all I need to do is await some missing parts from battlefront (there customer service is tiptop!!) and I'll start cracking out the army in due course, will it be finished by the end of the month?? no bloody chance but I've a few bits to do and that'll just  round the pledge off nicely!!