Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Zvezda Review - German Bike & sidecar 1/72

I'll blame this one on Coops.....

I "acquired" some zvezda bike & side car teams so this is the initial look at the kits,

So the box Art,

you get a one piece sprue and the plastic is pretty much the same as the recon team so a semi bendy plastic.

and what they look like once you've put them together, you could get away with not using glue but I glued mine as usual, and didn't bother with the bases that you get in the box just put them on 40x40 bases so the profile is the same as most of my other stuff in my collection.

Overall another good kit from the Zvezda guys I'm sure for about the same price of £3 you could get metal versions but as a quick throw them togeather kit its worth it in my eyes.

but why 4?? well two reasons really the first one is that my eyes are bigger than my belly! and coops semi-convinced me to get what was on the shelf at stafford games, and that I'm going to use these to represent transports for my normal infantry platoon, something a little different from the usual trucks but no doubt I'll still get some at some point!