Monday, 23 April 2012

Salute 2012 road trip.... (part one!)

So the yearly wander down to the big smoke for the "shopping" trip has come around again,

I've snapped quite a few pictures this year so go get a brew / bio break and enjoy the show!

whilst uploading the pictures blogger had a fit and told me that I'd reached my limit for pics so I'll split it over 2 posts...

So a few of u went over to Lee's gaff and drank till the early hours of the morning... 

His bloody fault!

So at the first tube station after we dumped the women... but the names above there heads was quite entertaining!

Got to Excel without any fuss and this was part of the queue... 

and the other bit.....

and the pay on the day queue.

and even more people!

hats off to the London Warlords crew they got us in pretty quick and I was soon wandering around the tables taking snaps of the ones that took my eye,

So the bring and buy we was looking for a copy of KGN for Lee but to no avail.

but he was still in good spirits (might be still pissed from the night before?)

Grunts table, 

Always like the look of this system but one that I never get round to trying/buying!

Some random snaps of the hall/hanger!

really busy this year, and quite a bit of choice model wise.

 some lovely looking armies kicking about. 

and funky conversions, 


large scale WW2 game, 

nice and colourful table, 

WW1 trench game

close up of the Germans, again great painting

and the French side, 

another system that I've seen kicking about for a year or two and yet to pick up, 

a great looking sci-fi tank

Same system different table

real funky alien jungle planet

with some robot/walkers in the trees, 

huge Civil war game

Gripping Beast demo boards, 

with the new American Indian warband

Never seen these at salute before but they were really nice and the golden rule of if its not got a price tag don't ask rule came into play!


I Came across the PSC stand and quizzed the chap about 20mm yanks and the like and even though his lips were sealed KGN and PSC have something in the works, which is quite exciting!

The new 20mm 1/72 German weapon teams, very very very nice!!!

and the new yank shermans, again great models, will look great when I do my second KGN army! 

Blitzkrieg commander in 28mm scale!

A game of Flintloque,

With ginger bread men and the house to match!!

nice finding what could be the bargain if the show, some really dodgy German half tracks pre-painted for a £1 a pop! 

hummm bi-planes.... 

great looking models now only if they did a system that would give me the excuse to buy some? 

Lee chatting to the guys from fireforge about there system

and the plastic knights that they do, really nice models and No Lee I will not do Arabs (unless they come out in plastic!)

there cabinet stuff, 

mode random shots of the hall

Lee trying to sell pike & shot to Nick, 

ok so any mode mooning is great, 

But I just like guns!

Troop of shrew stuff at warlord, shame the lighting was naff of picks, 

and the zulu stuff, again looks great!

and the super-cooper arrives!

and now we were 5!

Now I like the fluff of 40K bla bla bla, but to do an Apocalypse game as a demo game isn't the best choice personally it looked far too full and quite frankly crap.

on the flip side this looked simple but fantastic! and the chap was really nice!

MDF pre-cut scenery put to full use

 Malifaux  cardboard terrain

Good old wings of war!

quite a sparse table, 

But then you've ninja's so who cares!! 

a good looking captain scarlet game. 

Now this was the one that really got me frothing.....

28mm Russians, Enough said!

54mm Napoleonic! 

Dysopian wars, again looks good,

And I spotted a axis and allies air combat game that I'd never seen before?

Loads of people!

some more of the 54mm game, it looked that good!

crazy amount of models & detail!

20mm WW2 game, anything with a good looking aircraft will always catch my eye!

cowboys hold off American Indians 

Nick & Coops looking at the stand where you would sell your family for an army!

really novel table, reminds me of the nightmare before Christmas

Fantasy WW1 game

Dwarves on ponies?

And a blast from the past good old ACTA! 

pretty models same that the angle of the display cases made it hard to snap pics.

and the bumf for those interested

a Victorian steam punk type game, 

And the Empire of the dead table, saw alot of the guys from the Derby Toney there and I dropped just shy of £80 on a new system, but more of that another time.. 

Another flying boats game.

Perry samurai look so so sweet!

A good looking troy type table

but the Ipad was more interesting ;)

Cutlass Demo table, 

And thats the end of part one!!

I'll put the second half up shortly!