Saturday, 14 April 2012

20mm Russians Force on Force

About this time last year I picked up force on force from Salute and never really did anything with it, but recently ambush Alley released Cold war Gone hot and this perked my interests up quite a bit,

with the "what if factor" and the "evil" coming from the USSR (if your to believe the media of the time) which 30ish years before had been allies in removing the Nazi warmachine from the western world if it had kicked off who knows eh...

So myself, Nick & Coops have opted to go for this in 20mm as we're already go the scenery with KGN and the price difference between 15mm and 20mm isn't that much but 20mm you get better detail, cooler looking models and personally I think there easier to paint?

So these are the infantry for the "small" soviet assault from the CWGH book, all I'm waiting on now is 4 T-80B's from S&S and I'm good to go, The infantry are from elhiem figures good price and good service with a really quick turnaround!

So the whole lot...

The HQ team,

Team One

Team Three

Team Two

Overall I'm quite pleased with these, pretty simple to paint, I started with the army painter Leather brown and highlighted the brown with tan earth and then bleached bone mixed in, the green was russian green and then just simply did the weapons and a watered down delvin mud wash.