Friday, 6 April 2012

Kampfgruppe Normandy - Escalation

Myself and Coops arranged a 300 point KGN game for this week down the club,

So it was the battle of the PBI's my mighty German Wehrmacht against the British,

I decided to roll with the following:

Battlegroup HQ
Motorised Recce
2 Supply trucks

Grenadier Platoon
2 Panzershrek teams
HMG team
88 with tow

2 squads of StuG "G"s

and that was 300 on the nose, 4 command elements & 28 motivation,

The last time I played against coops he rolled me with his shermans, and this time I decided to double the amount of StuG's to counter that,

So this is the battle from the Germans perspective... Coops will do one from the British perspective (Coops Blog)

So the set up and the placement of the objectives, before rolling for sides, the four objectives were the engine shed, the signal box, a field behind the factory and a cottage.

The motorised recce element fly onto the table and take cover from any threat that might be around,

Not seeing anything about they scoot off and secure the field behind the factory, 

meanwhile the vanguard turn up and the 88 with the mover (which is really a signals truck)  move into position waiting for the impending armour push and goes on opportunity fire.

an infantry squad move up the side of the engine shed securing the second objective.

and a panzerfaust team leg it into someones back garden!

So the main force turn up and I roll a good number and three stugs, a supply truck and other odds and sods turn up.

The 88 shoots at a sherman but fails to hit...

The StuG's make what us of the cover that's about, 

knowing how sneaky the British are covering various angles, the Stug spots a recce staghound?but fails to hit...

 the return fire from the Achilles makes short work of the 88, at this point I nearly went into doom and gloom mode as I've been disappointed by the 88 in nearly every game so time to invest in a pak40 me thinks!

But vengeance is mine! A sniper shot by a Stug takes out a sherman 

and another goes bounding through the hedgerows trying to out flank the advancing British armour

even more stugs turn up with some infantry support and another supply truck

still playing the waiting game, the looming shapes of Churchill's can be made out... 

and the staghound returns fire and slots a Stug!! Coops was quite chuffed with this shot and I can't blame him!! 

until I pull mechanical failure and play it on the firefly, then roll a 6 and the vechile is abandoned!! LOL! I didn't expect that!! 

So the infantry move past the knocked out 88 (boohiss)

shots are being exchanged left right & centre and a sherman goes up in smoke.

The Churchill's are getting very close!! with rounds bouncing off there front armour I'd be lying if I said I wasn't panicking... 

with an opportunity to side shot a Churchill I expose a stug to a piat team, 

and I miss the the target but the piat team doesn't...

Getting really close now!! 

Seeing coops sending his recovery truck to try and sort out the firefly & the sheman I put a stug in pointing in the general direction.

the HMG team finally sets up ready for the advancing infantry

and a side shot from a Stug takes down a Churchill!! Rejoice! they can be killed!! 

Whilst a panzerfust team go for a point blank from the rear and miss!

some how the panserfaust team survive and leg it! 

the time is running down, at this point we'd both taken quite a few moral chits and I was only about half a dozen away from breaking,

the panzerfaust team eye up there next target!

with the objective unsecured a lone Stug nips forward making sure that the Achilles carn't get a bead on him! 

Another panzerfaust team going after the same target.

The super herioc stag hound takes another stug out with a point blank side shot and in a turn of events the staghound goes up in smoke,

So I manage to win the game with the tightest of margins, and with the suppressed Churchill only the two Achilles were left running around, Coops was unlucky with the mechanical breakdown taking out the firefly, then I managed to suppress a Churchill and then the crew of another abandoned there tank when the panzerfaust bounced off the side!

overall I'm happy with this list, I'm going to drop the 88 and go for either a panther, tiger or pak 40, I will pick up a second infantry platoon so that I can get even more shiney support options!

Special thanks go out to Nick for the use of his terrain, some very very nice work.