Monday, 23 April 2012

Salute 2012 road trip part deux!


I'll carry straight on with the pics!

another view of the cutlass board, 

Romans beating up Celts? 

really nice looking set up. 

The beasts of war stand, where you could try various hobby products, I also bumped into warren from the beasts team and whaffled about that there's more to gaming than GW which lead to an interesting debate in Nando's with Mike about business models compared to hobby/customer loyalty!

Now this lot was a new range by a company called hawk games, and a system called Dropzome commander, 10mm sci-fi and its a good job that the models were behind glass as so many people were jizzing over this lot!

I thought the buildings were quite funky would look nice for epic ;) not that I'll ever get a game in mind you with all the other bits I wanna try!

lighting in the cabinets made it quite hard to take snaps along with some dicks who had no idea when it can to manners, but the 100 yard stare soon put an end to that!

even the underside of the models are super sexy detailed!

and giant mutant cobra snake men for infantry!

mech walkers transported for deployment 

its little touches like that I really like, 

remind a bit of avatar with the suits

and then we met some of the "boys 2 men" in the pub, much discussion was had many about the dropzone range and Lee was on the rob for the salute figure for his American Indian saga gang!

We'd been discussing KGN in the pub quite a bit and he happened to wander by the forgeworld stand and the warhammer historical chaps had a great deals on there books you could get a copy of KGN for £15!!! amazing value! and the WW1 flying circus book was a fiver! so I nabbed one of those!

Dave and his dice "fetish" with one set for each army! 

and the Perry brothers working the floor,

some up and coming brits for the desert war, very nice and knowing what the Perry's pump out will be good value for money, 

and the DAK, again lovely looking models, interesting that there going for the north Africa campaign though? 

so the guys all pooped out and chilling before getting kicked out, 

and the "large" coffee to keep me going at the end of the day!  which was cheaper than a pint

compared to the "medium" coffee!

so the "haul" 

I walked away with quite a bulging bag compared to previous years, empire of the dead was on my "to buy list" but everything else was impulse, so the old damage to the pocket wasn't too bad to be honest, the pegasus trucks will go under the spot light at some point this week as they are really nice simple kits!

The actual show seemed busier than previous years and the traders all seemed to be busy, some more than others but over all not bad personally.