Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Pledge for Feb & more KGN stuff!

once more time passes me by at a rapid rate of knots and managed to get the following bits and bobs done for Kampfgruppe Normandy,

Starting with the mortars by Armourfast ( review )

a bush with a couple of blokes behind... 

hiding a infantry assault gun! 

a tree with a barrel, 

Which is a 105mm arty peice

and a supply wagon with bits of tree growing out of it! 

So with that lot done all I need to do for my 20mm Germans is a second unit of stugs a couple of stug 42's and 2 panthers, unit I hit Salute at the end of April and get the Americans and odds and sods for the Germans.

So the "pledge"

Bought - 50
Painted - 58

Difference +8

So with March looming I'm planning on getting the remaining armour finished as well as splashing out on a flames of war churchill armoured company. If I've enough time/motivation then I'll see if I can make some headway on the plague reaper and some other chaos odds and sods with the rumor machine starting to pick up the pace for a May release.... Just in time for my Birthday!

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