Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Saga, Kill em all!!!!

Well after a few of us were at a loose end for a game Lee suggested a 4 way kill-fest which I was well up for, so out came the Vikings...

So the initial set up, The Vikings in the bottom right, The Welsh top right, Normans top left and Anglo-Danish bottom left.

The Anglo-Danish

My Vikings

Welsh converted from warlord Celts

Nick's Normans

So as predicted the initial move was towards the centre, 

So did I wanna pick on the Welsh....

The Normans?

Or duff up the Anglo-Danish...

As Nick played a Mass Volley from his battle board I decided to let them live... 

and swung round to my right and closed with Coop's Welsh and left a warrior unit to protect my flank from against Lee, The one mistake was sending the beserkers into the ruins as the movement was reduced by quite a bit

and then coops attempted to show me the hit & run tactics that the welsh were famous for with there javelins, 

they kept on coming! 

Overall view

Lee running through the darkness to get to the Normans, 

My vanguard standing there laughing

lined up ready to take the incoming shots, 

And the Welsh showing there geometry skills! 

and as if by magic the viking were gone! but only after getting in there and kicking some heads in,

mean while the long run continues and forces the crossbowmen back

and  in come the Cav

and the charge bounces!

And I get a sneaky 3 kills ;)

So with both myself and Coop's warbands battered and bruised I start making a run for the centre of the table, 

So I can get the Beserkers in on the action with the warlords special rules, 

Still Welsh catch up with me and take out the warrior and the warlord to one wound,

Overall view, 

The warlord goes in.. and goes down rapidly! But once the beserkers  get going there's bugger all left of Coop's stuff... 

and the warriors are getting within breathing distance of the Anglo-Danish, 

after the finial 2 berserkers leap on the Welsh warlord and kick the be-jesus outta him Coops ops to take the wounds on a nearby unit wiping them out to a man! 

The Welsh warlord kills the last two berzerkers with shooting attacks and that leaves me with on dice for the warriors which I'm not even able to activate them!

As Nick and Lee slog it out, 

What Remains after the Vikings went round for a pint! 

And Business is GOOD!

On looking unable to do ought! 

So I'd mis-read the scenario rules thinking it as one point per kill, but it was point per unit killed, and Nick wound on 18 points, myself & Coops on 15 and Lee rolling in last,

Overall a good game and I decided to go into Viking mode every time I used a battle board action which made people laugh and the usual "Anton" antic's came out.

If I was to play the same scenario again I would commit all of my forces to one front and not mooch about with the berserkers, they need to get on quick as they are pure filth!!