Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dreamforge Games... shiney Strumtruppen infantry!

So way back in September I posted...


now right at the end of the post I whaffled on about a concept that a chap from dreamforge games had come with and I really liked...

So a kickstarter project was launched and depending how how much you pledged would reflect the reward assuming you wanted one.

After signing up and watching the pledge get smashed I started to receive regular updates from Mark over at Dreamforge with the progress of the project and even had my say in the early design stages!

and after a few delays but nothing major I got my parcel from the states last week, but due to work well being work I only really had the chance to look at the bits and bobs this week,

So the legs and the torso componet parts

weapons & heads

stuck togeather, nice and simple, I used the squad leader head on the anti-tank weapon to make it look "cool" 

Billy the Marine slipping in....

Various angles, real nice crisp casting and the guns look sweet!

As I was going to use them for a Secrets of the Third Reich german drop trooper army, a shot next to some of the westwind British that I've got.

Overall I'm very pleased with them, look good and the weapons are nice looking, quality is good, just a shame that I couldn't pledge more at the time however I'll just have to wait for them to go on general release so that I can take them to the 2012 SOTR Nationals.

Big question is how to paint them!

Do I go for Panzer grey like the concept, Middlestone with peadot camo like the westwind drop troopers or something else??