Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Secrets of the third reich.... Army done!

Well this won't come to a surprise to some of the local guys but I've managed to get my British infantry platoon for Secrets of the third Reich finished!

I only had a few bits left over and I blasted those out this week along with the three objective markers that I made as well,

I've only got to sort out my army list and I'm good to go for the GT,

So Ash, a downed wasp pilot, a officer with a sten with a gas mask head from puppet wars , and lastly another bazooka team, That's mainly down to seeing what they can do on the receiving end! 

The objective markers painted up, the blood and gore is still drying at this point but the other two are finished, 

And then this decides to turn up! its alot smaller than I expected but after looking at some real pictures of the bren carrier they were quite small!

The quality of the model is really nice, good crisp model should be a doddle to paint up,

that's if I don't get too distracted by....

So I succumbed to the hype and the comments on facebook and went and picked a copy up, so far I'm enjoying carving my way through orc's by the bucket full, and the different weapons are quite funky but theres nothing like your bolt gun blasting away and as the magazine starts to empty the sound of the weapon changes which is a really nice touch.

Ok so your a Ultramarine as they do tend to be the GW poster boys, but the capture of the 40K fluff is great and the amount of gore is mental with execution moves to finish orcs off when you stun them and thats the only way to recharge your health! personally I like it and some of my favourites are when you pick and orc up by the neck and empty a bolt pistol clip into them, you grab them by the neck slam them on the ground then stomp on there head! Lovey stuff!!!

The pledge is looking good so far for this month with only half way in...

Bought - 16

Painted - 42

Difference - 26

So now that the British are finished I was pondering over what was I going to do next?

And I decided to revisit 8th Ed fantasy but rather than use the orc's that I painted up (which would make sense) I've decided to go for warriors of chaos, not sure why it must be the warp whispering to me... so I picked up a warriors of chaos army book and some marauder horsemen to get me started.

I'm going to do this army different to how I've done others, I'm buying one unit and then painting it before I get the next! should be interesting if I can hold back rather then getting the lot and it sitting around for ages.

I also want a hellcannon in the army but the price of the "official" one is a tad pricey any suggestions for alternatives? 

and finally whilst on my usual mooch about the net I spotted these that dreamforge games are going to start producing.....

These have so many uses.... Personally I'm thinking secrets of the third Reich drop troopers, I'm really looking for any excuse to buy some of these and the chap who runs the business is going to be doing a fund raiser to get the project kicked off, I'll be definitely ordering some ;)

more info here...  dreamforge-games