Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Secrets of the third reich.... The final peices are coming togeather....


Its been another cracking week of SOTR pre-GT work, I managed to get over to my old college town of Hinckley and roll some dice with Darrell and in the process get another couple of players interested in the system which is wicked as I'll have some more people to play against in the local area if they do start, and at this rate give it 6 months and I think I could convince the chairman to organise a secrets torney!

The MI-13 commandos nearly finished and some bits left to do I thought I'd crack on with some objective markers for the GT, Now I'd got one of the guys to make me some but as I was in the mood I decided to crack on and go for it....

So with some help from Coops in the form of the wire you've got Thor's hammer arriving!

Next one is a sacrifice/daemon pit on the other side of the post is a little girl to tempt people in ;)

And the last one is a right mish-mash of warmachine retribution warjack bits that I had left over and have been floating around the painting table for a while! and nicking an idea off Chris at the club with the floating rock.

so onto the old doomsday clock....


So now cruising along and putting some final tweeks to the army, I don't expect to do great but as long as I go down fighting then its all good in the hood!