Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Secrets of the third reich.... bits finished off & whats next???

So the bren carrier is done and dusted!! and just as I've finished off my British secrets army I'm now pondering what to do??

Well its simple do a themed board for the club!!

I managed to get my hands on one of these.....

ok so its a tad big being 1/35 but looks good to me and not bad for a tenner! So I'm going to do a rocket assembly type board, I'll make it modular so that stuff can be moved about as needed all I've got to do is suss out what do I want on the board! one of the guys from the Hinckley club has sourced a supplier of cheap 1/48 armour so it'd be rude not to have some of those around in various states.

But I did manage to pick up these off Ebay the other week only after the auction finished did I notice that the green stuff was a little OTT!, but after working out that the ravener bits would have cost me £56 if I'd bought two boxes so I wasn't that bothered!

I decided to hack these to bits as I've a game of 40K coming up in a couple of weeks,

and as always when I convert I managed to nearly slice open my finger.... 

But I did manage to get one mocked up all I need to do is repair the missing bits and a little green stuff to blend in the upper body and the snakey bit and jobs a good un!! 

I'll use these as fiends of Slannesh, and with some digging around all I've only a few deamon bits left to paint and I'll be looking at another finished army, shocking!!

Question is will the fantasy army ever get off the ground, and will the 40K chaos boys be finished in time for 6th Ed and the new codex??