Saturday, 3 September 2011

Secrets of the third reich.... its time to get down to business...


After a mental couple of weeks and getting plenty of games in at the Phat Cats and getting an invite from Dave aka "Scorpius" at Portal Gaming Club at Burton Upon Trent which is a really cool club, great atmosphere and I'll admit I was a bit dubious about the level of "geek" that was going to be present, you all know what I'm banging on about you get some real numptys within your local gaming community that do your head in!! But I was glad to see that the Portal guys don't have that issue!

anyway have a look good bunch of chaps.

So I've managed 4 games so far and covered off most of the rules and discovered some quite funky stuff and have come to the decision that the system is actually quite good with the alternative actions and loads of other bits that actually make sense and really enhance the game from an old school gamer point of view.

Out of those games I've only managed to win one and that was the glorious British Steel stomping all over Stef, Ian from Portal whupped my ass with drop troopers and panzerfaust's, Spencer and his APE platoon stomped all over me (well its was his mech that did all the damage really) however despite the licking that I keep getting I'm still discovering new things and still looking  forward to the GT.

So talking of the GT its been a month since the first post and the "panic" set in and I'm now in a position to sit back and relax....

Rifle Command Unit:
Chaplin & 4 SMG's

Rifle Squad #1
3 Assault rifles
1 anti-mech rifle
1 rifle grenade
Packed LMG
2 RPG's

Rifle Squad #2
2 Assault Rifles
2 RPG's

Rifle Squad #3

3 Assault Rifles
2 RPG's
Packed LMG
All painted.....

Engineer Squad
standard loadout - awaiting Bren (still!!)

British Steel Squad
4 Packed LMG's
1 Anti-mech rifle

HMG Team
Mortar Team
Sniper Team
Bazooka Team

Dr Laz & Blackjack

All painted..........

The British Land Walker
Chassis & Armour Medium & Speed upgrade,
Heavy Anti-tank Gun
Twinlinked HMG

Anti-zombie kit, Improved sights, Jacketed Shells

3 Wasps
All with Twin linked HMG's

bailed out pilot/crewman

All painted....

now this is a tad more the 55 Rp (all in I'm looking at 129 Rp!!) that I'm allowed to take to the GT next month but even I've shocked myself on how quick I've turned these guys around and the nice thing is that its not felt like a chore with the French or the Celts.

But its not stopping there...

After the game at Portal on Wednesday I've decided that maybe black jack doesn't suit my play style and I can't really have anything else that can drop with him to support his antics of beating people up!

So I went back to the drawing board and picked up Doomsday I wanted something a little "different" in the army rather than it being a historical British army with gas masks and body armour, so I'm gonna give Paddy and his MI-13 commandos a run, and judging how well they did against Spencer on Thursday there a hot contender and with about 3 games left before the GT I'll be seeing what I can do with these bunch of nutters... Think spacewolf scouts with some real hardcore weapon options!

So as it stands at the moment with the doomsday clock on...


I now need to get Paddy and his boys finished, another bazooka team done, and "when" the Bren carrier turns up that as well, One of the club guys is making me some objective markers in exchange for some models. so basically 13 models and it'll be sorted!

and talking about sorted lets have a look at the "pledge" for August...

Bought - 32
Painted - 77
Difference - 45

So I'm back on track after crashing and burning in July, this month is already off to a cracking start with wrapping up the Secrets stuff that I just missed out for August and as long as I don't go completely mental buying stuff then I should be alright but warlord are releasing an army book for Hail Cesar so might "need" a few bits for the Celt's for when we get round to playing that, and of course no doubt Nick will insist that I need more Russian armour for his system and that would be so rude to say no!