Sunday, 28 August 2011

Secrets of the third reich.... The Spiffing chaps in those flying machines...

After a fairly busy week I managed to get a game in against Stef and we pushed the points limit up to try out some new stuff and shiney bits in, 

I was facing Russians and I was wondering how to tackle the unwashed masses.... but then the British Steel stepped in and raped Stefs entire right flank!

This is there combat effectiveness for the game:

Advanced forward and blasted a bunch of guys, 
Stood still and blasted another bunch of guys who became disorganised
Assaulted what was left of the first lot they blasted
stomped through some woods and slotted named sniper
Blasted what was left of the second unit
Found another sniper and slotted him!

So yep not too bad!  Might change the mech rifle to a flame thrower to be honest... but I'm still deciding on that one?

I did some more on the British Steel though with the decals and also putting a unit marking that kinda matched the BLW 

a tad shiney on the decals but some anti-shine when the sun decided to show its bloody head will be applied!

 Mean while the R.A.F. is providing aircover from the Hun in the for of WASP suits, now as I start to understand the rules more these are looking more dirty, but I'll take them to the field and we'll see how they work,

I was going to keep them green but after thinking about how Nick & Lee painted there planes for CY6 I decided to go for the same kind of camo with the grey thrown in there and I'm happy with how it looks, breaks up the over all shape of the model and all that jazz!!

The RAF roundels are from doms decals and are 1/300 scale but look perfect for these I added some onto the upper thigh of the legs as well, The only thing that I havn't done is add the plastic canopy that comes with the models for a couple of reasons, one is that it'd fog up when anti-shine is put on and the other is that they would be a nightmare to fix, as you have to cut out the bubble canopy from a vacuum formed clear plastic sheet and I'll be honest I carn't be arsed with all of that!!

So it'll be onto the next game next week against Spencer and we're going for the whole hog 55 points!

The doomsday clock currently stands at..


So no worries now with getting all the bits that I want to finish off, well as long as I don't buy more!!