Saturday, 20 August 2011

Secrets of the third reich.... Blast em chaps!

So with a second game under the belt against the Germans I'm starting to get into the swing of the rules and some interesting little points are emerging to make this quite a enjoyable game,

For this second game I was teaching Stef how to play and the speed that we got through the turns was pretty good and rapidly discovered that werewolves are pure filth as long as they don't get shot at by monster hunting SMG's and the damage that they can do in combat is very impressive!

We also played around with grenades and that was really easy to use and are very effective as long as your target doesn't throw them back!

No pictures of the game as I forgot and was fine tuning the learning of the rules, But I've been busy back in the den and managed to finish off the BLW with the decals that I got from wargames command post and splashed some paint on various bits and bobs,

So a close up of the zombie apparatus along with some gore

SMG's that I picked up a couple of weeks ago along side some packed LMG's the stens were outstanding on Thursdays game!

Close up, nice and easy to paint just need to base them now, 

British Steel & HMG, I picked up the British steel at the same time as the sten's and have been lurking on the secrets forum quite a bit and read a chap called Mr Castle who documented painting his British force and he mentioned that the arms that come with the British steel models look a little skinny and feeble, and decided to use marine arms as they looked spot on,

In the tradition of Anton I've blatantly copied his idea but didn't have any loyalist arms so used chaos arms and chopped of the skulls and they look cracking!

To go one step further I've used the LMG from Black Jack to convert the leader chap and the spare combat claws from the wasp squadron, just so that it gives the unit a bit of meaty factor,

as they stand being all green they look a bit dull to be honest but I've some 15mm transfers from when I did my US armoured a while back that I can use to make them look shiney and we'll go from there..

Yup its green! 

HMG... and the rules for this little monkey are mental for its points cost!

And finally Black Jack, I'm yet to use any leaders in the game but this guy looks to be a combat monster but as I've plenty of time left to try out different leaders we'll see if he makes the final cut.

just a little work on him and he's done and ready for basing

So the doomsday clock now stands at...


But I've managed to get all the objectives done that I set out 17 days ago and to the point that I'm now fine tuning the army ready for the GT, 

I'm still pinching myself... 17 days and I've managed to get so much done as well as entertaining the GC!
Shape, Shadow, Shine, Silhouette....

The real bonus is that some of the chaps from the local club have also been picking up stuff and to actually get Ross to buy something that isn't everblight is an achievement on its own!!

So with the starter set and some extra bits finished, I've picked up some more bits to make an additional rifle squad & engineering team all I have to do is convert some flamer throwers up if the rules look any good and await the bren carrier from warlord...