Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Preparing for the Secrets of the third reich GT or designing & painting an army in 8 weeks!


I received my conformation email from the nice people at westwind telling me that I've got my place in the Nationals and all that jazz,

After flicking though the PDF I got to the nitty gritty and saw that they would "prefer" weird war two type models, but as I've only got westwind stuff I don't thinks that's a real biggie, but then I got to the section about painted armies... they want people to attempt to bring a painted army.

Initial thoughts thoughts were "yea no worries I'll have them banged out in a month or two" but then the realisation slowly hit me as I remembered that its at the beginning of October!!

I have about 7 and a half weeks to get the following done:

  1. Suss out the rules enough to design an army
  2. Convert a Mech 
  3. Convert the wasp unit that I bought last month
  4. Paint the lot! its not gonna win best painted but I wanna be in the running!
  5. Try and get a couple of games in so that I don't look a total noob! 
 and for the next few months everything is on the back burner, including the new Prussian robot thing that I picked up the other day!

I'm gonna finish basing my Prussian armoured box set as that's good as done all it needs doing is some flock and its there...

As for designing a list well I've had a bit of a gander around on the old net and can't really find anything of substance to give me a leg up on this part so, I'll more than likely try and use some games to decide whats good and whats not!

The designing and converting a mech should be interesting as I've had my eye on Dust tactic's for a while now and they have released the mech out of there big bog game individually so I'll be picking up a couple of these...

now you get three different turrets so that should give me plenty of choice for designing a mech, and they come pre-painted but no doubt I'll re-paint it.

So there you are Operation Nice One is green to go...


So my question to the masses is can anyone give me any tips on this game! LOL

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