Friday, 5 August 2011

Secrets of the third reich progress....

So its been a few days since the realisation of the GT in a couple of months...

Apart from reading like a mad-man which I'll be honest I don't do that much I tend to dive in with a game and try and suss out the rules on the first couple of games, I've managed to come up with some kind of army list and as always I'm over the limit! it doesn't matter what system you play you can never get quite what you want in your army!

So 57 Rp list, need to drop it to 55...

Upgraded to Vets & Body armour

Black Jack

Rifle Platoon Command
Lt with Pistol
2x assault brens
1 Medic upgraded to chaplain
2 Commando carbines, one carrying a pait-D the other with grenade launcher

Rifle Squad
Packed .30

HMG team
Sniper team
Bazooka Team
Anti Mech team

British steel armoured squad, 4x packed vickers LMG's 1x anti-tank rifle
Custom Mech - British Land Walker Mk2 (well you have to have "some" fluff!)

The custom Mech is something that I've enjoyed trying to suss out and give it some funky kit without making it stupid expensive on the field,

Chassis - Medium & +1 speed class
Armour - Medium
Weapons - Heavy anti-tank gun
                 Twin linked HMG
Equipment - anti-zombie apparatus!
                     Improved sights
                    Jacketed shells

I could drop the mech and go for a 12 pounder anti-tank gun and have enough points for another rifle platoon with bren transport, but I'm leaning towards the BLW as is "cool"!

after all...

how cool is that! (ignore the green it will be repainted!)

and a variant turret you get but I pulled off the stubby barrel put the flamethrower bit on, might point up this version and see how I get on with it, but I picked up two kits and as the model comes with two turrets there is plenty of choice!

even though these haven't made it in the army list, but they might do, one of my converted wasp suits basically a metal rod shoved up its ass!

and where I am with the painting so far, the brown is done, the green is done and I'm working my way through the webbing, but I'm doing the whole army in one fell swoop so its taking time as expected!

On the gaming front I've managed to get quite a few games arranged with the guys from the local club so that's basically everything off the list ticked off just need to fine tune my list so that I can get it to 55 points and suss out the rules!

I also need to make 3 objective markers any suggestions??