Sunday, 14 August 2011

Secrets of the third reich.... Deploy the armour, First game & Mercs

So I managed to get a game in on Thursday and after a but of chin scratching I eventually sussed out the very basics of the game and promptly lost!

what we discovered though was that assault brens + Manpacked LMG = loads of firepower! but my rolling was "ok", the wounding system threw me for a bit but again fudged our way through that but the combat phase was quite confusing, so something that I'll have to have another look at when I get the chance.

Me on the voyage of discovery... its weird being in the actual photo for once!

Tommy in the woods

Whats that I spy before me..... LUPUS!

Men down... 
headless Germans gunning down the British

Sniper! making the headless Germans actually headless!! 

Spencer on his usual form! 

so I've another planned in for this week coming so hopefully I should be able to suss a bit more out and get more than two turns in.

We are also going to include a bit of armour in there to see how that plays and in the tradition that is Anton I've been working away on my BLW 99% of it is done just need to find some transfers for a 28mm 1/56 WW2 tank and I'll be away!

I went a bit OOT with the "battlefield" look but I figured it wouldn't be nice and shiny fighting against the zombie hordes!

Close up of the lower chassis

different angle,

with the alternative turret, to show the difference of pre-painted and Anton style!

The other thing that I've manly been doing this week is buying "another" rule book this time in the form of Merc's

I've only had a quick look at the book and most of that was the fluff, and I must say that I'm quite impressed so far the quality of the book in both layout and visual model/graphic porn is top notch and puts it in the A+ league amongst Games Workshop, Privateer Press & Ambush Alley games,

the rules look really well laid out and how it explain how the cards work for movement and shooting looks like it could be picked up no problem by experienced gamers,

The models??  well...

Enough said!

This is one that I'll definitely be picking up some games after the SOTR GT, just need to decide a megacorp and then a colour scheme and away I'll go, but as you only field 5 models max for a mission I'm thinking of making these boys extra shiny with a sprinkle of Anton Dust!