Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Secrets of the third reich.... We're on a roll!

So with the weather being superb and me shocking the world with my super-white legs in shorts, I've managed to get quite alot done for the British forces,

Some rubbish pictures for some reason the old camera is playing me up again??

Command squad with the priest looking quite fetching in his purple robey scarf thingy

 Anti-mechrifle team,

Bazooka Team

Sniper Team

Rifle Platoon, slightly different to what I was going to originally going to load it out with but I need some more normal armed guys rather than the piat-D's 

Close of of a normal chap,

The whole lot with two spare at the back and looking quite spiffing if I must say so myself! 

So the next batch is ready to go, there is going to be alot of green with this lot so should be fairly easy to blast through,

I would have been alot further along with these but with all the recent civil unrest in the UK its made some fantastic if not shocking TV.

But whilst looking around the internet and trying to find more info on it I stumbled across....


so a game that's based on civil unrest and crime! once all the craziness has calmed down this might be worth looking at.

So I've my first game of secrets of the third reich this coming Thursday so assuming that I remember to take some snaps I'll see if I can do a "first look" on the actual game!

I also need to do 3 objective markers for the GT on 40mm (termi bases), any suggestions???