Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Zvezda Review - German Recon team 1/72

I picked these up from my local model shop last week and thought I'd do a quick review on them,

they cost me about £3 so cheaper than a pint, but would they be any good??

you get the one sprue in the box with a card that is used for the game that Zvezda make and these are used with as well as an assembly diagram,

you get two types of base's one where all 4 models go togeather and where they can be split into individuls, I mounted mine on some 40mm bases that I had kicking around, the models themselves are pretty good and go togeather really easy,  the poses are quite nice with the chap scribbling in his book.

I've used some of the sprue to but up a bit of cover when I get round to basing them, but over all for the price I think there a bargin!