Friday, 3 February 2012

Kampfgruppe Normandy, Highway to hell.....

This week at the club, Nick was up against Coop's and his Brits,

The mission they rolled was Highway to hell and I was helping out with rules and taking snaps of the game,

So Turn One, Coop's recce team are one the table moving towards the first objective as the rest of the army comes on in coluom down the main road,

So the calm before the storm....

The British advance

and So do the Germans....

Nick fires the first shot in anger at a infantry unit killing three chaps, but not enough for a moral test, The British then break off and make some aggressive movement towards the German armour,

And the Tiger gets the first kill, One of the fireflies...

But its a trap! The other firefly has the big cat in his sights and misses with all its shots for a whole two turns!!

meanwhile the infantry advance towards the third objective supported by a sherman, 

and in a very bold move Coop's tries for a rear shot but fails to spot the panther!!  On a 2+ I might add!

but the panzerfaust armed infantry manage to spot, hit and destroy the sherman (just!)

This gives Nick a bit of confidence and another sherman "brews up"

and the view from the Piper...

3 burning shermans, a suppressed infantry unit and lots of units hiding in cover....

The Last remaining firefly waits on covering fire and pops a tiger (with ease I might add!!) the 252 is the supply truck ;)

and with the game starting to come to a close the firefly then moves forward and claims a panther again with ease!

another sherman pop's to the panthers.... 

and an all out bold as brass ball manoeuvre, the panther comes round the corner and goes for a side shot on the firefly and misses!!

so both Coops & Nick have two objectives each, but coops has taken more moral points than Nick, even though Coops managed to pick out one heroic action and 2 aircraft!!

even though I was only an observer the infantry struggled to keep up with the armour with most of coop's guys just pegging it each turn and the distinct lack of anti-tank within the infantry squads meant that most of them stayed out sight so the game became a heavy weight slug fest between the armour.

The 17 pounders on the firefies were cutting through the armour like a hot knife through butter, and rumblings of M10 Achilles were heard from Coop's much to the groans of Nick.

So with American Armoured in the pipeline and more than likely picking up various bits at salute I'm starting to suss out a list that can do the usual jack of all trades.