Monday, 30 January 2012

End of January already!!

well that month went past quick!!!

and unexpected it was a race to the finsh....

with the bits that I picked up from Ebay for next to nothing it scuttled my chances of finishing on a postive number unless I pulled my finger from my arse and cracked on!

So the chaos hounds that I've had sitting on my painting table for about 6 months!! 

I was talking to Coop's the other week about last years painted/bought numbers and quite rightly he pointed out that I'd not actually reduced the amount of unpainted figures that I've got kicking around just stayed on top of what I'm buying which I think is a bloody good point so I'm now making an effort to finish off those odds and sods that I've never been arsed to do!! 

So I'm currently chipping away at the nurgle baneblade and hopefully will be doing some of my back log from old armies and the like.... (well that the plan!)

But I need to maintain focus and spotting a load of bits on ebay for No-Go-Zone doesn't help! I managed to pick up the rule book and the minitures for a steal!

and I cranked out the "law" to tip me over the edge for my pledge.

Now I'll be honest the models are not in the warmachine/GW league but as figures go these were a nice change to paint, and the "chaos" models are going to be just as fun!

I mentioned it to one of the chaps at the club on Thursday and he'd also picked up the rule book so once we can get a game in I'll do the usual "First Look" post and see what people think.

Meanwhile this is the rest of the stuff that I got from Brittanna mintures the other week, I forgot to take pictures of them "naked" but once there painted up they should look nice.

and the ghouls have arrived for the mordhiem gang so I'll blast these out when I'm not entertaining the G.C.!

So the pledge...

Bought - 43
Painted - 44

nice and tight eh... ;)