Sunday, 1 January 2012

Why hello 2012....

Well where did 2011 go!

looking back its been a right mash up gaming and painting,

I started historical gaming in the form of Black Powder with the mighty French and Hail Cesar with the sexy celts, some thing that I'd promised myself I'd "never" do but I suppose variety is the spice of life!

I did the usual pilgrimage to Salute and as always picked up a new system in the form of cutlass, and with a campaign that'll be kicking off this month I should really crank out the Orc's for that one!

Painted two flames of war armies in the form of the late British & PAVN and managed to get games of them against the "super" Cooper, hopefully more will follow this year.

Finished off a my epic army that I've had for about 15 years!! and now waiting for Spencer & Will to sort out the campaign that inspired me to dust them off and bring them back from the dead!

Picked up Secrets of the third reich as a gamble system and went to the GT with a complete painted army and walked away with best sportsman as well as meeting some real nice guys and hope to hook up with them this year too, maybe with a new force (if the Japanese get released) and managed to get 3/4 of a themed table done.

Got myself the starter set to bushido and now there are sitting in the the local shop looking all shiney...

Grabbed ANOTHER three systems, Saga from gripping beast and MERC's and enjoyed the Saga game against Lee and with the new expansion coming early this year should be interesting to see if others decide to pick it up, and hopefully get a game of MERC's in with the guys over at Portal gaming in Burton. The third system was Kampfgruppe Normandy and I managed to get a game in against Nick in the week between Chrimbo & new years and even though I got my ass spanked (on the table I might add) it's a well thought out system and I can see alot more of this being played.

and finally....


This is the second year that I've continued to put my model purchases and what I've painted into a spreadsheet so that I can reduce that mountain on unpainted models that every established games should have!


2010       2011

469          1238

Well I think thats the historical gaming bumping that lot up! Thank god there not as expensive as GW eh ;) working it out 695 models were the Might French and the Sexy Celts!


2010       2011

513         1245

So once more I managed to paint more than I bought, admitly it was only by the skin of my teeth for 2011, with a positive figure of 7 models!

so this is what tipped it over the edge...

So the remaining bits of the german infantry...

and the test model for my trollblood army,

When I first saw trollbloods back at Salute 2009? I thought that they looked like big orc's and kept with that vision, I've a basic box set that I need to strip and with the odds and sods that I've picked up so far going to build up the force nice and slowly.

I'm going with the Orange heraldry as a nice counter to the green skin as there is so much armour on this champion you carn't really see though.

So marching confidently into 2012 I'll be kicking off my business in the form of GC Gaming Supplies, but more on this another time...

The "Pledge" will roll over into 2012 and I'm confident that I can make it 3 in a row for painting more than I buy, with the pending 6th Ed coming out for 40K the last bits of the chaos should be blasted out and IF its any good then I can foresee the ranks of the dark legions swelling even more!

Assuming I can peel myself away from Starwars I'm hoping to get done:

  • Finish off the 20mm Germans for KGN, but no doubt I'll pick up more as well as some US stuff at some point!
  • Finish off the SOTR board I've only a few bits left and it's done, just that final effort!
  • Finish off the Plague reaper that I picked up from Ebay and try using some MIG pigment weathering powders on it.
and thats it really, if I can get those done before I pick up anything else then I'll be happy!

Also thanks for all the comments/views for last year I'm not one for stats and all that Jazz, but people reading my random whaffle with pictures of my stuff thrown in is bloody cool ;)

and as its kinda still chrimbo/new years day.....