Friday, 13 January 2012

Kampfgruppe Normandy, Hold the line!!!!

With the Previous game of KGN late last year myself and Nick decided to sort out another game, Its was still going to be an all German training misson...

I used the Infantry company list consisting of:

Battalion HQ

Infantry Platoon
88 Support
HMG Support
Stug Platoon upgraded to "G"'s
Tiger 1 Support
Forward Observer with 2 dedicated 105's

Nick Rolled in with:

Panther Platoon
King Tiger
Infantry Platoon

I think that was it? not too sure as none of his reserves came on!

After some further reading as a Infantry army I could opt to declare a defence battle so I'm entitled to by defences for the army, and decided to dig in the 88 & the tiger.

The mission was hold the line and in a nutshell I had to stop Nick capturing the two objectives on my side of the table or breaking my moral limit.

So with the infantry set up and hugging cover I awaited the big cats to roll on....

and they rolled in well!! I have two units on covering fire, and neither of them spotted the king tiger and the dug in tiger paid the price!

The start of the game,

the 88 being eye'd up by a panther

lots of running infantry.... 

the 88 with a cracking shot, but it bounced off the front of the panther, much to Nick's delight! through out the game the 88 made Nick sweat quite a bit even though it didn't do a great deal in my eyes.

infantry waiting for the big cat to get closer... 

Finally the 88 hits & kills its first armoured target! 

and a panzerfaust armed infantry manages to take out another!

so its looking quite sweet, but it could all go wrong?

The forward observer brings the 105's bang in between the two panthers suppressing them both and Nick only has the Jagpanther & the king mooching about on the table,

but the Jagpanther pops the dug in 88 and Nick gets his second kill of the game,

whilst the infantry go on Safari... 

and using the hedge rows as cover sprint to keep up with the armour.... 

and out of no where the reserves roll on, Stug-tastic!

neither of our reserves had come on by turn 4, and this was a lucky break for me as I'd only got hand held anti tank running about,

So the King tiger has got to be the luckiest tank in the world!

In one turn it survived two infantry squads shooting at it with panzerfaust's, being suppressed my the command team, and all three StuG's either failing to spot it or missing it all together!! I rolled quite a few 1's!

and due to the time we called it there, and I won by a couple of moral points.

as we were still stumbling our way though the system not that many questions came up but as we start to understand more the "shopping" list gets bigger!

so the shopping list...

222 armoured car for a recce platoon
Opel radio truck
Kublewagon & crew
Horse drawn supply cart
Schwimmwagen with crew
2 panzerchreck teams
75mm infantry gun with crew
3 bike messagers
105mm field gun with crew
sniper, officer, NCO

So much for "cutting" back eh!