Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mordhiem Crew - Armand's Animators


Yep its another "blast from the past" I've been "invited" into a up and coming Mordhiem Campaign at the Leicester Phat Cats, and after quite a bit of chin scratching I decided to wander down the undead route.

The initial plan was to pick up bits off ebay as they tend to go quite cheap now days, well that was until GW announced with there new sales tactic of two weeks notice that Vampire Counts are being re-released... Humm well that put a big hole in my plan as the price for undead went through the roof.

But I held out to see what shiney new stuff was going to be release and a couple of bits took my fancy but nothing usable in mordhiem.

A flying undead alter thingy!

Don't think I'd be able to get away with that as being a mount for my Vampire ;)

So onto the Crew:

Vampire - Sword & Mace
Necromancer - Bow, Sword & Spell to be rolled at the first game
Dreg #1 - Mace
Dreg #2 - Mace
Dreg #3 - Guess what?? Mace!

Henchmen Ghouls - 3
Henchmen Ghouls - 3

and that lot comes to 497

The vampire, necromancer & ghouls were dead easy to choose the models for, but the dregs not so easy, needed to be human type models but scum looking guys?

so after a bit of chit chat with my various muse's down the local shop empire flagellants were the way forward!

So the hero's of the warband

The three dreg's I decided not to bother converting them just used them straight out my bits box! 

the newish plastic necromancer

and the big man Armand, I managed to get old of the last metal one in the shop for a whopping £7 but looking on the GW website the "finecast" version is £14.50! 

I wasn't too sure what colour to do the winged arm, and in the end I decided to make red my connecting colour.

So just waiting for the ghouls to come in the post I looked at the GW ones and didn't really like them....

but the mantic ones....

are much better personally...

so if they are anything like the zombies that I got last year these will be a doddle to paint up!

And talking about paint I've now an ebay shop selling Vallejo Model Color as well as army painter products, go have a look ;)

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