Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cutlass Crew & Trollbloods Kriel

Well Its been a real slow month painting wise so far,

With being sucked into the MMO world of starwars The Old Republic and deciding to take the plunge and start up an ebay shop supplying paint and the like time has been precious recently.

I've been making some headway into the trollbloods that I got at the end of last year and a friend gave me a load of his stuff now he's found a new "toy" to play with ;)

so the champions unit,

I've the UA to paint up to go with these guys and combining that with the champion hero that I did as my tester model its a filthy unit!

 bung some stone scribes behind them maxed out on focus and the champions become armour 18 with P&S 12 once I get the UA done for these!

so the trolls are coming along nicely and once I've stripped the bits that I've been given I'll have quite a bit to play about with!

So with Nick's Cutlass Campaign about to kick off this week at the club and spurred on by Coopers post on his blog ( the mountain of metal ) with his dipped pirate girls which look really nice...

So I figured I'd better get me ass into gear and splash some paint on the Orc's that I picked up at salute last year, 

So the Admiral and his three orc veterans armed to the teeth and ready to go, Just a coat of anti-shine as I've a feeling that they'll be spending most of the game lying down due to injuries.

I've another three on the way from black scorpion miniatures and it looks like he's moving over to resin for his models so I'm looking forward to comparing the cast quality with the metal ones above.

The crew that I'm going to run with for the campaign is...

Cutlass, Dagger, Parrot

Orc Vet #1:
2 Cutlass, Dagger

Orc Vet #2:
Cutlass, Dagger, Duelling Pistol

Orc Vet #3:
Axe, Dagger, Duelling Pistol

Orc #1:
Cutlass, Dagger, Ships Pistol

Orc #2:
Cutlass, Dagger, Ships Pistol

Orc #2:
Cutlass, Dagger, Ships Pistol

and that lot rolls in at $496, now I'm expecting to recruit the goblins as the campaign goes on, with the few games that I've played so far recruiting orc's & vets is quite rare hence so many to start with.