Friday, 27 January 2012

KGN - Get on the supply train....

So my new bits for KGN started to arrive earlier this week and this is some of what I got...

So a very shiny SdKfv 252 with ammo trailer, the detail on this model is outstanding!! it has so many delicate pieces that come with it I'd say its more for display or diorama rather than wargaming.

So Hanz the medic as a size comparison,

I thought it looked a bit small personally but after some google-fu....

its pretty much bang on! 

the trailer unit, the really nice thing about this kit is that you have the options of having the door opened or closed and the detail inside is lovely, but in the usual "Anton" way I closed the doors.

The other bit that I got was from the Britannia miniatures line which is now been taken over by Grubby Tanks,

So a horse and cart, some thing that sums up the german army quite well as most pictures that you see they used alot of horse's to drag there kit around it wasn't all halftracks and prime movers.

Again Hanz jumping in on the picture cheeky little monkey!

the other side

and the two next to each other as scale/size guide.

So the links to the relevant websites, 

The customer service from both places was great, the milicast order arriving far quicker than I expected, and the Grubby Tanks order having a hand written note apologising for the delay!

So all I need to to is splash some paint on these and they'll be ready to be shot up by the RAF!