Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Month end update March,

Well where did that bloody month go!!

in the last few days since the forge world open day trip I've managed to paint some of the firestorm armada fleet that I got last week after blasting out the test model,

I always get people asking me how do I manage to paint stuff so quick, well music calms the savage beast, in my case its stuff like this... boom boom boom tisk tisk that gives me my pace ;) 
So the 6 Frigates....

I've not decided on squadron marks at the moment, I might just mark up the bases?

Anyway onto the carrier how this was quite a lot of expermentation I tried to get the "white" ship look but also the weathered look but like the enterprise but with a grimy look, now the front of the rule book has the following art so thats what I've based my fleet colour scheme on...

now I've used a watered down black GW wash to create the streaky look, and I'm quite pleased with it, a fairly simple technique and 2 foot away look nice on the table top,

A close up of the huge flat area that I'm assuming makes up the landing deck? who knows lol

any way on to the "pledge"......

so quarter 1 summary,
               Bought    Painted  Differance
Jan             41           58          +17

Feb            22           16          -6

March        22           30          +8

so going quite well me thinks!

Comments welcome as always,