Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Firestorm Armada..... Yes another system!!

Firestorm Armada?

Never heard of it, well its done by a buch of people over at spartan games, I stumbled across these guys when they released uncharted seas, That reminded me of man-o-war and I really liked that!

(have a look at the 40mm greek mythology stuff really nice!)

They've been working on the scifi version using the rules from uncharted seas and shooting you into space!

Now after hassling Ross at the local shop and the golden stamp of approval from the Dustin the boss man they put an order in for some of the local guys, now I krnew a couple of people was intrested so at least I'd have a regular player base but judging by the amount of stuff that came in this could be a very popular system!!

Before we ordered I spoke with the usual suspects and we did the good old dibs on the various races, at the moment there is only 4 however in the book there are fleet lists for another 2 that are going to be released at some point in the future,

In the tradional way with myself of picking new armies etc.. I went with what looks cool! and after reading some of the rule book last night/this morning I've got the bad boys of the universe so sticks with my "bad guy" theme quite nicely! after all who wants to play as a good guy there always boring ;)

After talking Jack & Stef through the basic's of turn, movement & shooting as it played the same as uncharted seas, I broke open the box to see what I'd got....

And spartan didn't dissapoint me! the amount of resin that you get for you hard earned cash is quite nice, the actual quality of the cast isn't too bad either, the only downer though was that two of my engine blocks for the captial ship where the same and I had no instruction guide/fleet stats card, But in hindsight that was a good thing that I'll explain later.

I also ordered a fleet carrier as well as getting the basic fleet box, So after cleaning up the flash I hit the kitchen and washed the resin, now if you've never worked with resin its worth cleaning as you might find a residue on the actual model that helps release it from the molds and this stuff doesn't like being sprayed or painted over!

So after a good scrub I laid the bits out to dry which didn't take too long,

So as I was waiting for the bits to dry I went onto the spartan games website and found the PDF's for the assembly guide, I also discovered whilst mooching around the forum's that some people had issues building there Dindrenzi, mainly the captial ship so after looking at what people had suggested I set about putting mine togeather,

So one of the halves of the main hull with the gun deck the rear plate and front detail ready for the other half

And the other half glued on, the issue that people were having was that the didn't know that the ship is desgined to have a gap running the length of the hull, its a pretty simple mistake as it appears quite a few people have done it!

so the captial ship with the enginer blocks and the upper gun decks stuck on, you can get an idea of the size of the model with the pots of paint in the background, its a monster!!

So the whole fleet assembled, including the carrier at the top of the shot, over all I'm quite impressed by the quality of the models and they did take quite a lot of prep time compared to other models I've been doing recently, but I think its worth it.

The only thing I need to suss out now is how to attach the flight stems to the actual ships? I'll more than likely go for the magent option so that I transport the models without fear of breaking the flight stands.

The only thing left to decide is what colour to paint it, I could go with the cover picture and go for a black/red combo but on the rulebook there is a captial ship in a dirty white/red combo so I'm thinking I might got for that one?

So keep your eye's open I should have these done and dusted in a couple of weeks and hopfully a review of the actual rules with a battle report,

Comments welcome as always.