Saturday, 20 March 2010

Shiney New Banner & Slannesh Sorcerer

After reading an post on banner making Chris aka Suneokun at pathfinder very kindy sent me a couple of banners that I could use for the blog replacing the standard version,

So thank you very much Chris it looks tip top!

I've also been working of the emperors children over the last few days and managed to get the converted sorcerer finished as well, I'm really chuffed how its came out the colours are crisp and clean compared to the death guard and the contrast between the two will complement them on the table top,

I've a 5 man noise marine squad that is about half done so depending if I hit the vodka tonight with the guys from the gaming club I'll see if I can make a dent on them tommorrow,

All shiney and painted

Does my bum look big with this HUGE jumpack?

Close up of the chest and detail work, I tend to go for above table top level painting so it's not gonna win me any golden daemons and I won't even bother with Comon, but for me its cracking!

Close up of the base, I've used a differant style of flock for this guy one that I mixed up for my flames of war russians, the ruined statue I've used a watered down green wash to make it look slightly differant rather than a slab of grey.

Comments welcome as always,