Monday, 15 March 2010

Emperor's Children / Noise marine paint test

Well only after converting the up and coming Noise marines did I start thinking about how I was going to paint them?

So rather than screwing up a normal noise marine I had a dig about and found a loyalist who was asking to be painted in the patron colours of slaanesh!

So the top half was done like....

Liche Purple
Wet Brush Hormaguant Purple
Really light dry brush of Tentacal pink
Ink wash of Leviathan purple

The Bottom Half was done like....

Hormaguant Purple
Heavy dry brush of tentacal pink
Mix of tentacal and skull white for the edges of the armour

Both are quite quick and so I'll be able yo do my usual standard of pumping stupid amounts in a short period of time!!

The metals where done like.....

Normal Metal -
Bolt Gun metal
Badbab Ink

Gold -
Brassy Brass (Vallejo game colour)
Shining Gold
Shinging gold & Chain mail for the highlight
Ogyrn flesh ink

So the magic question is....

Do you prefer the Bright pinky legs style or the darkish pinky purple chest & shoulder?

The other bits are to give you an idea of the look I'm going for!

So Vote away at the top of the page and which one wins I'll go for it in that scheme!!

So these are the models that you'll be choosing the future paint scheme of.....