Monday, 15 March 2010

Deamons.... Do they Work?

Well I've managed to get a couple of games under my belt with the deamons now, so the question is what do I really think of them???


  • They are a "rare" army, I.e. not that many people would consider them, I've been told in the warhammer circuit they are pure filth and you can see that from the heat standings.

  • Conversion Factor is unlimited! after all they are from the warp so anything goes, I'm not a huge conversion person many due to time and money but I'm sure there are some funky armies out there!

  • Army special rules, now these are so random that you've got to be a bit of a risk taker to even consider fielding them, and as your following the rules for deepstrike if you roll well then its all sound as a pound roll high scatter and lots of random direction well you could be in for a surprise!
  • Adapting to the situation is a challange to say the least, if you like you gun line/drop pod spearhead etc.. then fair enough, from a tactical point of view these will make you think!
  • Eternal warrior and the "powers & abilities" are not classed as psychic powers makes me laugh my ass off against other armies!! specially the new nids and the darkness of the warp (the 3D6 thing?) we're from the warp so rassppp.... LOL
  • HQ choices... prior to the puppies this was the only army as far as I was aware that you could take 4 HQ, superb!! plenty of chin scratching choices in this part of the book, lovely!

Con's -

  • Fearless its a blessing and a curse! ok so I can stand there with my wanger out in front of a superhard shooty unit and laugh however in combat if it goes tits up your boned on the addational saves that you'll need to make!
  • Infantry heavy force, you deepstrike in the wrong part of the board you'll spend most of the game trying to get to the action, and only one "real" shooty thing which is the soul grinder and that soon becomes the priority target for heavy weapons, and against mech armies you could struggle but I'm yet to play any?
  • Some of the stat lines are well... intresting to say the least, I don't know how they compare to their warhammer counterparts but some of them seem very weak and some overpowered, 
  • Army selection is quite challanging, i.e. you can only have 6 troop to any other army thats plenty but for a daemon host your casulty rate will be high, in fact very high so you can either take large units, 15 is the max that I would personally go, or fill up the troop selection with units about the 10 man size, example is...

Bloodletters everyone's favourite daemon...

10 man unit - assuming 6 get into combat with a charge your looking at 18 attacks hitting the average "joe" on 3's and killing on 3's your pretty much gonna munch whatever you hit par invunerable saves,

15 man unit - assuming 13 get into combat with a charge your looking at 39 attacks! enough said!

but the 10 man unit is more flexable with regards to hiding in cover and movement etc... so squad size is crucial!

  • Now this one might be strange, but the changling (the unit upgrade for horrors) is way too cheap! angainst low leadership armies this guy would be great, leadership 8 and above aka marines not that useful
  • And whilst I'm on army selection... Elites, Fast Attack & Heavy support are a bit sparse choice wise, some nice things in there I personally like the fiends of slaanesh, however if you go OTT with your daemon prince he'll end up costing more than a great unclean one!

Now the pro's & the con's out weigh each other there are some really cool things about the army like the assault group an a 3+ that'll keep you on your toes! and some things will fustrate you like following the normal rules for deepstrike i.e. you can do bugger all for one turn!

The list that I've been running with recently has been 2K -

Great Unclean one (A)
The Masque
Herald of Khorne mounted on Jugger and shiney upgrades (A)

2 Fiends

11 Bloodletters
10 Bloodletters
15 Deamonettes
10 Plague bearers with Icon (A)
10 Plague bearers with Icon (A)
10 Horrors with the changling

7 Flesh hounds with Karanak (A)

Soulgrinder upgraded with Phlegm (A)
Daemon Prince with various goodies (A)

(the (A) is the assualt group)

So to answer the question????

Yes they do work, you've gotta be bloody good to use them or bloody lucky! some say its the same thing!

Would you agree or disagree? Comments welcome as always,