Thursday, 8 April 2010

Nurgle daemon prince finished? No Way!

Hey up guys & gals hope your all good today!

So I decided to pop an update up before Spencer started giveing me "those" looks!

I've been cracking on with the firestorm armada ships, the crusiers are done and the captial ship is coming along nicely, once I've got the captial ship done I'll get some pictues posted up.

So I've finally got the nurgle daemon price finished that the guys from the club got me as I stepped down as chairman after 7 enjoyable years, now I've been doing this on and off for the last couple of months I wasn't too sure how to tackle him as its a really cool model and I didn't want to fuck it up, so after some thinking I decided to finish him off and start using him on the table, the bit that took the longest was sourcing a base for him!

The normal 40mm base was way too small so trying to find a dreadnought size base was a right pain in the arse, so I used a flying base! the curve of the base made no differance as he was posed with his legs,

The actual painting of the model was done the same as the death guard and the plague bearers so that it kept in with the theme,

Ta Da!

close up on the sword I could have spent ages on that but decided I wanted it dirty and bloody!

I was impressed by the sculpting on his back, really liked the detail, I'm thinking of putting a bank of jump packs from the new blood angel golden boy nipple squad, and strapping them togeather like a huge clump, bang some magnet love on there and the jobs a good un!

upper body,

Right arm detail  the fly is built into the wrist and is quite cool,

So there it is, only 2 models away from "finishing" my death guard, but I did pick up a blight drone at the forge world open day and as they are at Salute at the end of this month I'm looking to get some extra armour and nurgle doors and emperors children or world eaters doors for a couple more rhinos for the masses.

So will the legion finally be finished?  no bloody chance! with the rumors that I'm getting from a fairly decent source we should be looking at a new chaos codex end of this year start of next year maybe and they sound filthy! all I want personally is eternal warrior of the named heros and 2 firepoints from the rhinos and I'd be happy with that!!
Whilst I was waiting for the base to dry I managed to crank these out as well,

These are for a game called uncharted seas, and these are the iron dwarves newest invention the submarine, now these were dead easy and I've had them sitting around for ages so was glad to finally get them done!

any way I'm off to cook dinner via MacDonalds so cheers for reading and feel free to leave any comments below,