Friday, 27 January 2017

K47 / Bolt Action Japanese

A while back I picked up a load of bolt action Japanese from a trading web site and as with all good war gamers they have been sitting in a box collecting dust,

Until now! I was on a live stream chatting to The Terrain Tutor and challenged Mel to a paint off, my Japanese to be done before he completed his scatter terrain for his Burma board build.

So the game was afoot!

I downloaded the warlord paint guide for the army as well as all the other ones whilst I was at it! and went to work!

I'm not going to do a step by step as the guide is free and fairly simple to follow,

the armour was different to what I would normally paint as its usually a single colour, but it came out really nice and looks spot on. 

The whole lot in one shot, 

So that gives me 3 squads, a sniper, command and some bloke on a horse, no doubt its an illegal army but hey its a good start just need to get some odds and sods to flesh it out, however the purpose of getting this lot done is so that I'm ready to rock and roll for the the K47 far east book some of the previews on the K47 facebook page are looking wicked so can't wait to see what the final models look like.

So if you were to add to the above force what you put into it?