Friday, 6 January 2017

2017 The Masterplan!

Well strap in ladies and gentlemen here we go!!

I've been pondering this over the last few weeks in between work, Christmas and keeping the GC entertained, The conclusion of all this pondering has been bugger all!

I've no idea what the master plan is for this year!

I've achieved so much from the supergeek list I've nothing else to tick off the list, This is why....

  • I've done salute multiple times taking a variety of tables the pinnacle was the AVP temple board, that was a bonkers day! 
  • Walked away with best participation/best in show at more than one show
  • Had a number of gaming companies approach the demo team to produce tables for them, and on more than one occasion being asked multiple times.
  • Managed to get over to Crisis 3 years on the bounce and have a cracking time! 
  • I get fantastic feedback from what I put on various facebook groups for the various models I paint and I also listen to whats been said if I get constructive feedback, After all someone out their is always better than you! 
  • The geek room is sorted, its a shit pit but its sorted! 
So for 2017 I'm gonna wing it!

I've only a couple of things on the "to do" list which are...

  • Play some games of what ever I can! 
  • Paint the poster boys of the 40K world in the 30K setting, yep that's right Ultramarines.
  • I would like to make a funky looking table for This is Not a Test, only a 4 foot square is going to be needed for this game so I can spend some time on making it sexy looking! 
  • Travel to a few more local clubs and get some games in with systems I wouldn't normally play. 
 and that's it really, so god knows whats gonna happen!

So onto the kick starter front after a hefty 2015, I was a bit more reserved this time round with only the following being backed:

Arc Worlde - Battle for troll bridge
This is Not a Test
Blood and Plunder (Lee's bloody fault!)
SLA Industries
Dwarves at arms

as it currently stands I'm waiting for the following KS to rock up...

AvP - Enough said...
Spectre technical - way way overdue quite honestly a clusterfuck
Warpath - Should be landing any time soon, only went for the book though!
PanzerfaustE - over due however as I've seen whats been going on from the inside its been a rough ride but looking peachy!
Blood & Plunder - shipping as we speak so again should be with myself by the end of Jan I hope
SLA - Due for June
Dwarves at arms - Due Jan, but I'm only waiting a unit of halfing WW1 chaps so no massive issue if its late.

So with no real master plan, what are your for the year?