Monday, 2 January 2017

2016 - Overview of the year...

Well in a blink of an eye the year has flow past!

It's been an interesting one outside however in the land of the eternal child its been great fun, So without further ado get yourself a brew and turn this bad boy up loud!

hands in the air - Whoop whoop!

January -

The master plan!


I'll cover that bad off laters, however the other bits that sort out were...

Test painting some forge fathers

Doing some PanzerfaustE terrain (The E is for Steve as I've been spelling panzerfaust wrong for the last year! LOL)

some 15mm ancients, these all I managed to do as the rules for the system never came out and I was distracted by the usual shiny stuff!

February -

Bit of a quite month however it was the start of the dark path into 30K!

And that standard still is incomplete!

March -

The first show of the year kicked off with the world famous Hammerhead. One of my favourite shows due to the venue and that all the games are participation so you can give everything a crack!

this would be a first as I was heavily involved in making two tables, one for the Club game of Gates of Antereas and the other for PanzerfaustE

Just look at those super sexy demo guys!

And the GoA board, painted in about a day!

To top of the show Lee and the guys walked away with the best in show, bloody good start to the year!

Oh and I painted some gnomes, dwarves and Orcs

April -

The month of the dreaded Salute!! however due to real life getting in the way I was unable to make it and for the first time in 13 years I missed it. Gutted was an understatement.

Dan kindly did a how to on painting thousand sons, I'm still in love with these bad boys!

and the children continued to grow...

Phil looking a smug bastard at Salute with all the Russian's I'd painted for the show!

May -

My deadzone Mk2 pledge rocked up and in the usual Anton manner I've not bloody touched it!!

I managed to sweet talk Mr Alderman and get some trolls to slap some paint on,

and get some more Ghar done as well

I played some 7TV with Mr Cooper and got my ass soundly handed to me, but at least all my stuff looked pretty as it died!

We also wandered over to Partizan and ran the GoA board, it was a popular day and Massive thanks to Keith for his relentless effort on the day!

June -

Most of the month was adding to the Children and sorting out a demo table for the Mantic open day,

The enforcer army that I painted never came back from the Mantic open day and the "Thank you" that we were offered in return was an insult, So my top tip for all demo team type people is avoid mantic like the plague, great product but I'll leave it at that...

July -

So off to Bovington for Battlegroup south!

This is what we should have taken.....

however due to an absolute schoolboy error from myself we ended up with this!

Almost as bad as Kris forgetting the warlord open day tickets!

The show was wicked as the show was in between all the tanks, the camping was interesting to see Nick and his blow up tent!

Myself and the GC wandered over to Barrage and had a wander around which was a good crack, met up with the Terrain Tutor and had a chit chat over all good day!

August -

Painted my SLA Shiver section and with the usual Anton way of thinking everything looks good in Russian green!

A couple of the guys tried out Iron Cross and it went down really well, such a simple system and scale neutral as well!

Not content with one 30K force, I dipped my toe into the Mechanicum after getting my ass handed to me by them! Well they do say if you can't beat them join them!

 And funnily enough still not played with them! 
I finished off the month with some more GoA models the rock riders were a real challenge as they were completely different to what I would normally paint!

September -

As I being a slacker the whole month passed without a single post!

but I did paint various odds and sods throughout the month!

Some Yanks for a K47 demo

and terrain to add to some existing 28mm WW2 stuff

and gorkamorka type terrain

And to finish off the month nicely my old battlewagon from back in the day!

Oh did I mention that the boys back best Participation from Derby, that's three years in a row now!

October -

I continued to add to the Mech force

The blog was completely out of sync at this point with regards to what I was painting and posting, I'd lost my mojo for the blow but a weekend away in November soon got me back on track!!

November -

So off to Crisis we went, bloody good weekend and had a cracking laugh!

Rob managed to keep me away from the "red" part of Antwerp which saved me from spending my eternal life in hell,  Doesn't know me that well ;)

apart from rampaging across Europe in the Ant & Lee show I made a start on my This is Not a Test stuff

December -

After a bit of a moment of madness challenging Mel the terrain Tutor to a paint off me getting my Japanese done before his scatter terrain the game was on! I'm yet to post the finished models off on the actual blog but was updating the face book page from the comfort of the throne!

other odds and sods included the boss man for the Ultramarines and some more henchmen for 7TV, after playing a second game against Lee I decided to get some firepower!

December was a bonkers month really as I picked up these bloody things!

I've been faffing about and managed to get them locked down, just need to do a how to do them!

Well that was a whirlwind tour!

So what about the pledge?


Bought 52 models
Painted 76

Difference +24

2016 as a whole

Bought 223
Painted 698

Difference  +475

I'm more than happy with what I managed to get done, no where near the 2015 painted target but I'm not overly fussed as long as its in the positive!

This year has mainly been demoing at shows for both Hysterical Games and Warlord Games, I'd like to personally thank Rob & Vince from Hysterical and Nick & Donna from Warlord I've had an absolute blast!

Also without saying massive thanks to Lee & Kris and the rest of the boys from Phat Cats who funnily enough are going to celebrate the 15th Year of being at the fore front of gaming in Leicester!

Not bad considering it started off as a drunken suggestion in O'Neils!  

So the Future of the blog?

I'n in year 8 since I started way back in the day and it'll continue maybe not posting as often as I'd like but rest assured the models will continue to come and the random systems will appear!

The Allscars monthly compo I'll be knocking on the head after 24 months of pledges and zero fails I've proven my worth as the fastest painter in the west of Leicester ;)

So I hope you all had a good year and may you whupp the arse of whoever you play in 2017 and if you play against me you'll have a comedy game of sarcasm and piss taking!