Friday, 3 February 2017

The pledge - Gremlins & Mutants! Jan Round up

And so it begins!

In the blink of an eye the month is gone, and I've hit the floor running with the pledge.

Bought - 36
Painted - 53

Difference +17

In the traditional new year new army type thing I picked up a more bits for my Sylvaneth and after managing to get a game in against one of the guys at Weekend Warlords the generals hand book makes a huge difference compared to the initial launch when I went up against Dan.

Painting wise I decided to get some bits and bobs done that I've had kicking around for a while that were from a couple of the many kick starters that I'd backed over the years.

So starting with some Macrocosm gremlins from their kick starter that I backed a couple of years ago, and these have been sitting in the "paint me" box ever since,

I've some other bits to fin sh off for them but shouldn't take too long really,

nice models to paint and these I'm planning on using for TnT as well as various other games!

Next up is Wasteman

And as with the Macrocosm stuff I've had these for a fair while, so decided to splash some paint on these and I'm really chuffed how they have come out. These are perfect for TnT and I seem to have a fetish with robots at the moment as I've dug out a robot gang from the Judge Dredd system that's now posed ready to go on the sideline of the painting table,

So if you know of any cool and funky robot type models let us know! 

If you want to pick up either of the ranges that I've shown on this post then click on the links below and go splash some cash!