Friday, 10 February 2017

AoS - Sylvaneth bulking up the starter set,

So after splashing paint on the starter set that I picked up last last year I figured I might as well add to the masses and get get some more odds and sods!

However with this army I'm trying to mimic what I did with the emperors children as well as the mechanicum and that paint a unit and then buy the next one. Something that I didn't have a great deal of faith in all honestly as I'm like a kid in a sweet shop looking for a sugar high on payday!

for those more keen eyed you'll notice that I've a "clean" cutting mat this was via Mother who was moaning that it looked messy! how long that'll stay like that I can't promise!

to made the unit leaders stick out I gave them multiple arms and an extra branch on the back as I had plenty left over, do remind me of genestealers though!

so the spirit of durthu, never really read about the wood elves in the previous version of warhammer, however this guy is rock solid! and rather than having a talon I wanted him to look quite tasty so double swords it was! the hand is posed not very well but as long as you don't look too close it'll do!

So this gives me 1,500 but I'm short on dryads if I want to run them at 20 twig units, so further options would be another starter box and do a treelord so I've one of each and the dryads can fill out the existing units, however I'm wanting to get some of the funky toys and might get some of the hunters or revents as something different to paint!