Tuesday, 21 February 2017

New show - Robin 2017

A while back I was asked to "help" with regards to a new show that was going to be ran in Nottingham.

All that I was asked to do was rock up with the guys from the Phat cats demo team and put on a demo game, no worries was my response and the game was afoot!

In the end I was also asked by Warlord & Hystrical Games to run demo tables for themselves so with a bit of jigging around the club was represented at 3 tables! Huge thanks to Dave, Phil, Nick and Jamie for pulling together.

So in between running PanzerfaustE games I did a quick run around and snapped some pics of the various games that were being ran throughout the day,

The Lenton gamers had three games on the go, all looking really nice!

the star wars game was really popular, not surprising as who doesn't love to see an AT-AT stomping around the board!

Mr & Mrs Cooper showing the masses how to paint!

some of the work that they do is stunning and considering Joanne is fairly new to the paint scheme its a bright future!

Some guys from Leicester Phat Cats putting on a Falklands game

I remember seeing this previously and had a bit of time to chat to the guys running the table, superb work all round and looks great to play on

Dangerous Dave running K47 demos with very familiar models.....

No idea but it certainly stood out!

Still trying to get Carl from open combat in his natural state....

Firestorm armada, the mat is a little too busy for me as I'd get distracted on where the models were.

a new zombie game that looks fairly reasonable, Chatting to the guys from Devils Run it sounds quite promising and will see if I can get a demo at some point

A superb looking urban table for a cops and robbers type game, the gents did give me a card but managed to put it in a "safe place"

blokes with pointy sticks! nice table as well, only feedback on this one would be to fill in the holes that had the bloody skulls in.

this was the catch of the day for me, White Dragon models with previews of the kickstarter that they ran, and hoping for a salute release, really really nice ships,

I was so impressed that I put my hand in my pocket and bout some of the 15mm robots mech things, but these are destined to be used for 28mm style games,

They were fairly simple to stick together nothing too challenging, just need to decide on a colour scheme that's not Russian green!

and some random odds and sods from ramshackle games, will got into the This is not a test terrain making pile which is now getting a tad large so will need to actually do something with it all!

So actual thoughts on the show, it was the first one that has been ran and I was fairly busy demo'ing PanzerfaustE most of the day and chatting with various people so only had a fairly quick walk around and the number of traders was good lots of people I've not seen for awhile or never spotted before. I didn't make it into any of the seminars which was a shame as the people chatting would have been interesting to listen to. 

Plenty of room for expansion which is good so I'll look forward to next year and popping over and either going as a punter or pimping myself out to the highest bidder!