Sunday, 1 May 2016

April and the Pledge!

Well another month flies by and its time to review the pledge.

Bought 8
Painted 56
Difference + 48

So another month of not buying much plastic crack, why you might ask? well with various kickstarters inbound I'm simply waiting on these to rock up so they will keep me very busy.

The list of these are as follows:

Wave three of AvP (lol....)
Merc's Recon (Got the base game just waiting on wave two)
Myth (I'm hoping the rules are better written than the inital version!)
Spectre Technical (ths one has turned into a joke)
Deadzone V2 (on its way!)
Devils Run (got the base game just waiting for the add on bits) 
Warpath (this is just the book)
Panzerfaust (I've a fuck ton of stuff I need to decide what!)
Arc Worlde Battle for troll bridge
This is not a test

So the list is getting smaller, in theory! 

Also with basically working on three demo tables since the new year the amount of "me" time has been quite limited so that I'm able to complete the promises that I've committed to.

I've two tables left to sort for this year (so far!) one of them being the mantic table for 21st May which I've been thrusted the enforcers and told to paint them!  

The other is the GoA addon's that we've been kindly donated by warlord so that will be sorted out and the rule of cool will be deployed on that one.

Once these last two are out of the way then I'll be able to look more towards my own stuff to get sorted out and in the usual Anton fashion I'll be chopping and changing projects throughout the second half of 2016. So I'm not going to do the usual I'm gonna do XYZ because I know I won't stick to it!