Friday, 29 April 2016

Phats Cats Demo team - Operation Salute!

So after the 2015 Salute day out with the AvP Temple, we all decided to take a breather for 2016 and go as punters....

That was until some bright spark came up with the idea of doing a 15mm scale table for a cold war gone hot game called Team Yankee, At this point the game was yet to be released and no official word had gone out on the game so in a moment of madness I agreed.

As a test paint I picked up aload of 15mm T-55's and blasted them out a while back, and sussed out the green that I was looking for, 

So when the  stuff did rock up in the end the Russians were handed to myself and the build build began!

 The hinds were quite tricky to assemble and being fancy I used the magnets on the flight stands as well as the rotor blades,

However the T-72's were a doddle to put together and I flew through these in a couple of days, I also did the BMP2's as well whilst I was at it, 

After some discussion with Phil we sussed out the infantry that we were going to use and compared to the armour it was bugger all!

So after a quick dry brush and picking out some of the details, followed by a wash the infantry was ready for basing 

The ground forces in all there glory! Phil was trying to see if we could get some more bits and bobs for the Russians, but I managed to convince him not to bother! 

Armoured infantry section 

Airborne infantry 

And talking of airborne, I tackled the the Hind's last as I couldn't decide how to do them, so I thought back to how I did the mushrooms for panzerfaust and decided to give it a crack!

So a brown base coat

blu tac for the spot camo 

Re-spray green and hey presto! Looks good enough to me! 

The rotor blades I also was a tad cheeky, I sprayed them black, then dusted with panzer grey and then a light dusting of grey primer and again look spot on

All I needed to do was pick out the detail, do the underneath sky blue and apply some transfers, 

So the Thursday before Salute myself and Phil bought all the bits down and assembled the table to see if it looked ok and see if anything else needed any quick fixes 

I was well chuffed with the Russains and they looked wicked on the board

The American battle line

And the over all table, 

These never actually made it to the table as I didn't get them finished in time, but the club no doubt will be taking this table to various shows so these will get some use! 

The table got quite alot of attention from the punters at salute and the guys over at battle front loved it enough for it to make the website!

A massive well done to Phil pictured above who came up with the crazy idea and sorted out the build the terrain for the table. However I'd love a break now please.......

But what of the Salute pictures that I normally splash all over the blog?

Well due to "work commitments" I was unable to go, To say that I was disappointed is an understatement and god help them when the employee survey comes out in Oct.