Friday, 6 May 2016

Panzerfaust - Paint the SkogTrolls

Just before Salute I was over at Hysterical Towers and managed to snag myself some of the new Skogtrolls from the Bossman Rob,

In the usual Anton manner I asked how Rob wanted them painted and he blasted me a few pics to have a look at

So the artwork for the trolls, gives a "feel" for the vision

and a couple of pictures of Norwegian uniforms that the trolls would be wearing.

So to start off with I cleaned up the models and to be honest the vent ports and little flash took no time at all, Then with the individual bits all cleaned up I stuck the tails on and they were ready to prime unlike Forgeworld resin that needs cleaning with warm soapy water RAH Resin needs none of that and all the models that I've had from Hysterical Games I've assembled and primes with no issues what so ever! 

The initial colours to go onto the model was a 50/50 (ish) mix of Luftwaffe camo green VAL 823 with green grey VAL70886

Once this was dry a bit more green grey was added and then a wash of green (Biel-tan) was splashed over, 

once the wash was dry then I re highlighted the uniform once again, and picked out the detail on the webbing and rifle with flat earth VAL 983, a bit of khaki added for the highlight

I continued with the khaki for the skin and tail, 

for the "furry" bits I went with stonewall grey VAL 72049, the metal on the guns were painted in gunmetal grey VAL 70863.

the eyes and tongue were painted red and the teeth off white. The boots I mixed black and white for a darkish grey.

For the highlight on the skin I used dwarf skin VAL 72041 now I simply picked out the high points and rough blended the dwarf flesh on, its a bit of a weird way to work and I was going in blind with this one as a "bugger to it" technique and was wondering how it would come out!

Once it was all dry I used a soft wash on all of the model par the uniform and left it to dry, I picked out the eyes and tongue and did the piping around the sleeves and the collar and that was it, bit of basing required and jobs a good un!

However Mr Alderman has also managed to splash some paint on his trolls.....

I've simply lifted this from the facebook page and the above picture doesn't do them justice they look superb! 

Skin: P3 Battledress Green
Uniform: Coat d'arms Green Grey
Hair: Citadel Rhinox Hide

Rifle: Citadel Dryad Bark
Webbing: Citadel Mournfang Brown
Teeth: Citadel Zandri Dust
Cigar: Citadel Steel Legion Drab
Metalwork: Citadel Boltgun Metal
Boots: Citadel Chaos Black

Wash whole model with 50% : 50% agrax earthshade and nuln oil.

Skin: add Citadel Rakarth Flesh, then final highlight of pure Rakarth Flesh.

Uniform: re-layer with Coat d'arms Green Grey, then highlight with 50:50 Coat d'arms Green Grey and Flames of War Green Grey
Hair: Layer Doombull Brown then Tuskgor Fur
Rifle: Layer Gorthor Brown then highlight Baneblade Brown.
Webbing: layer Skrag Brown, then highlight Deathclaw Brown
Teeth: layer Ushabti Bone, then Highlight Screaming Skull
Cigar: actually repainted with Dryad Bark.
Metalwork: Highlight with Mithril Silver
Boots: Highlight with Skavenblight Dinge

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