Sunday, 15 May 2016

First Look - 7TV

Way back at Crisis 2015, I had a very long conversation with the chap and lady over at crooked dice stand about 7TV and the next version that was coming out,

I picked up a copy of this at Hammerhead back in Feb and finally a couple of weeks ago Mr Cooper took me through a game and I managed to snap a few pics,

I managed to get the minion starter set that I picked up painted up,

Sprayed red, Dry brushed and picked out the details,

I was pondering how to base them and Mr Smith gave me an idea of broken concrete type bases which I went with and the result is cracking! 

So with the boys ready to cause mayhem and chaos in the name of the evil mastermind villain! 

So Mr Cooper set up the 3x3 with the heroic British army in the top left corner and the evil guys in the bottom right, the mission was to grab the objective markers that were scattered around the table, 

After seeing the army move out the minions split three ways with three to the left, three to the right and three up the centre, What could go wrong! 

The view from the deployment zone, 

Some sneaky chaps armed with a bazooka..... 

Eyeing up the robot, and it didn't end well! 

however on my right flank the two extras were going great clearing the way

It was looking quite good at this point...

Until the villain decided to have a pop at the bazooka team and then didn't move back into cover.... 

With the minions taking massive losses they decide to do one and leave the British army as the victors!

Gameplay -You generate a number of points at the start of the turn depending on the models that you've got on the board as well as what was left over from the previous turn so you can stash your points and do some cool stuff with them, To activate a model you spend one point and you get two actions. These being 2 short or 1 long.

So how do you kill stuff? Its a really simple system where you simply roll a D6 add your stat and try and beat your opponents D6+ defence roll, so an opposed roll but the defence roll is made first and then you can spend points to add additional D6's to the roll and you take the highest and for each 4+ you get and additional +1 to your score.

That's the mechanic! that simple.

The game lasts a certain amount of time depending on the size of the board and you flip a card an that will have an effect that you can use for your turn, once you run out of cards then your done.

Lastability - This is where its an interesting one as if your into your 70's type TV you can do all sorts of stuff and as long as you and your gaming mates are on the same page you can do pretty much anything! Example is that myself and Lee have gone for a planet of the apes type look with Lee as the apes and I'm running around with the humans. But you could do what ever you like really.

Models - Now this is where it gets really interesting you can use pretty much what ever you like! Ok so crooked dice do certain "counts as" models but this is completely up to you and the more unusual type models can be found and used within the system, On the facebook page some talented chaps have come up with stat cards for all manner of models, personally I'm pondering on a Predator stat card!

Overall I'm liking what I've seen of this so far and its going to be one to watch with regards to trying to shoehorn this into my already busy gaming schedule!

If your on the fence certainly give it a try at one of the many shows that crooked dice attend, I'll be grabbing some more bits at Partisan in a couple of weeks!