Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Deadzone Mk2 - All the shiney stuff!!

So deadzone Mk2 landed on my doorstep yesterday.

In the usual Anton tradition I've had a good dig through the toys and taken some pics for the fine people of the internet!

so starting off with the metal models 

marauder chap

some rebel scum 

more rebel scum 

and some more! 

enforcer chap

blaine on his jet bike, made out of resin Plastic! and its really quite nice! 

vermin chap again out of resin Plastic! 

enforcer jet bikes, so many bits I've let them in the package! but they are already cut off the sprue which is quite unusual but really good

asterain guys, quite a bit flash on these and where the bow meets the hand seems quite delicate can see them breaking off

now this bad boy is for the plague, 4 piece kit again resin Plastic! and I decided to bang it together as its so cool! 

vermin plastic's really crisp and nice, 

more vermin plastic's again look great can't wait to see what these look like assembled

legs come in a little bag! 

more vermin in resin Plastic! 

the support weapon for the vermin, this goes together really really well, 

some old school vermin out the now no longer used plastic resin stuff! 

plastic forge fathers 

with legs to go! 

enforcer pathfinders, again look really good! 

the new battle zone bits, come de-sprued which is good and the quality of the plastic is far better  than the previous stuff

even the connectors are de-sprued! 

the mouse mat type play sheet 

books are really good quality, lets hope the proof reading is better than some of the previous stuff that mantic has produced 

tokens, good looking print and the cardboard is fairly decent quality 

the paper play mat that you get in the basic game, pretty naff to be honest Isla will be getting this do do what ever she like with it 

and finally the dice, white comes in the standard game and the blue I'm assuming is a KS special just means that I can run demos no worries!

So overall with deadzone Mk2 I'm really impressed compared to some of the stuff that Mantic have done in the past the new plastics look bang on and the resin Plastic! is really good!

All I need to do now is get a few games in and I can see how the system has changed.