Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Overview of May and the pleadge!

With May swiftly flying by this is what I managed to crack out over the month....

It started with a very panicky Nic from the club asking me to drop the bomb on the enforcers...

so a couple of days work and these were all sorted! I than sat back and watched the mayhem unfold.

With partizan looming I finished off the trolls for Panzerfaust

splashed some paint on some witches, and painted a unit of outcasts for the gates of Antares table the night before as you do!

So with a bag full of toys it was time to get on with the may survivor series and with board game night planned in I was running devils run so it would be rude not to have painted models!

These were a dream to paint, really good detail and 20mm so nice and chunky as playing pieces.

So with the very successful demo night out of the way I had the rare chance to goto a gaming day over at warhammer world for Ed's 30K project so I pumped out the two quad mortars for the day again finishing these off the night before!

and that was it really for the month painting wise a right mishmash of bits but that's how I like it!

So onto the pledge...

Bought 39 (gotta love show season!)
Painted 64

Difference + 25

so once again I manage to stay about the bought/painted factor, and looking at what I've done for the first 5 months of the year the chances of me hitting 1000 models painted is pretty low but then I'm not overly fussed I think this year will be finishing off projects and painting random cool shit that I can display.