Monday, 31 August 2015

Whats Anton been up to & The Pledge!

Yet another month flies by and its time for a pledge update as well as what I've been up to.

over the last 6 weeks its been summer holidays in the UK so I've been on dad duty for most of it and didn't get much painting time as I would usually get,

so since I finished the KOW KOM scouts off I've done some robots for Judge Dredd

These were the ones that I varnished and they went frosty, the only thing that I could suss out why they went wrong was due to applying the varnish too thick? 

I've a few robot type models to splash some paint on for Judge Dredd so hopefully once I've done my KOW KOM army I can work on something that's not 20 man units!

Other bits I've been doing is some lizardmen for age of sigmar, I've played a couple of games and I'm not in the love it or hate it camp, so as the system unfolds I'll decide later down the line if push comes to shove I can use the lizardmen for dragon rampart when that hits the high street.

So I've done a 10 man unit to start off with, and as time progresses I'll slowly add more to this force as it going to be a side line slow burner project I'll use it as a treat to distract me from the hardcore projects that no doubt will crop up in the new year.

I demo for Prodos and Tor Gaming and recently both have had an injection of additional staff to get the Crusaders/Rangers out into the community and demoing games more.

I do a fair few bit for Prodos when I can however I'm not been overly active on the relics front until recently when I was back over at black dragon and the demo night went down a storm, so I'm going to be spending a fair bit of time over there over the next couple of months and I've decided to use this opportunity to splash some paint on the Nuem that I've had kicking about since Jan!

I'll also tie this in with the relics painting pledge that is on the facebook page so it gives me an incentive to get the Nuem painted up, however as I'll be tackling the "machines" next I'm still pondering how to do them so any suggestions are welcome!

So onto the "Pledge"

Bought - 19
Painted - 35
Difference + 16

So somehow I've managed to finish in the black!

Only one slight problem though for September with only a 10 odd days until Battle masters I've a fair bit of work to do so going to be busting out the hardcore painting!

However this will give me a + 36 within 12 days of month which means I'll be well on track add to the fact that I'm trying to cut back on my "spending" I'll be making massive in roads to my unpainted stuff that I've had for a while!

So as I'm never one to kick back and relax this is a clue of whats coming next for the Anarchy